Google +1 2011/06/01

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Today, Google announced +1 buttons for websites. I would like to easily include it alongside the Facebook like button that I have in a few places, but couldn’t find a good plugin for WordPress.

So I wrote one.

I’m just waiting for to set up somewhere for me to host it and as soon as it’s available I’ll post again here. So stay tuned.


Synesthesia 2011/05/09

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I was playing around with CSS and Javascript and thinking about string hashing, as you do, so I made a little toy page. Play around with it here.


Awards season 2011/02/09

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It seems that Acetate has been given a couple of awards from the fine folks at download.famouswhy.com1.

I don’t want to clutter up the product page so I’ll just link to them here instead:

Yay shiny! And stars!

  1. No, I don’t know who they are either, but if they’re kind enough to give me an award, I’m gracious enough to post about it

Fixed a bug with the donation button 2011/02/07

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I know that all of you have been clamouring to donate to the continuing development of Acetate, and have been unable to do so thanks to me messing up the PayPal integration. Well that’s now fixed, so if you’re finding Acetate useful I’d appreciate you hopping over to the product page and donating whatever you feel is appropriate.

Acetate will continue to be free and I will continue to develop it further anyway, but donating will make you feel fuzzy inside and give me a warm happy glow.


Acetate picked up by Softpedia 2011/02/01

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The headline says it all really, but it’s still amazing to me to see software repositories picking up on this little tool. They also awarded it the 100% Clean award and at some point I’ll put a link to that on the product page. For now, see Acetate at Softpedia here and the 100% Clean award here.


What’s next? 2011/01/31

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I have a few features on my own wishlist for Acetate, but now that it’s had over 200 downloads 1 I thought I would ask you, the users, what you wanted to see next.

Here are my ideas in no particular order; please vote on them in the comments and feel free to add any more you can think of:

  1. Clipboard support (Copy, paste, etc)
  2. File save/load support
  3. Screenshot support
    • Taking a screenshot would capture both Acetate and whatever’s below it, if I can figure out how to
  4. Undo/Redo support
  5. Multiple Acetate windows
  6. Windows version

I’m chuffed to bits that people are using something I made and finding it useful, and I really want to keep it useful. I can only do this with your input.

– dominic

  1. In other news, it’s been downloaded over 200 times!

Another little patch 2011/01/28

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A couple of lovely people left comments on Facebook with one or two bugs and feature requests for Acetate. I’m working on the features, but for now I thought it was a good chance to roll out the bug fixes in a little patch.

Again, Acetate should update automatically, but if not you can get it from the usual place manually.


This looks all official and stuff 2011/01/28

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Acetate is now listed on MacUpdate.


First bug reports and fixes 2011/01/26

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I received the first crash report from a friend who’s been playing around with Acetate and it was a good chance to test out the auto-update feature so I pushed out a new build last night. It looks like everything’s working, and if you update you get a bonus new feature: Under the Edit menu there’s an option to Clear the sheet.

I also thought of a couple of other instances where Acetate could be used:

  • Annotating a presentation
  • Analyzing a video
  • Doodling when on the phone

As always, if you have any issues with it, please let me know through one of the links on the right or by commenting anywhere on the site.


Frist post! And a product announcement. 2011/01/17

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I finally updated the site. Go me! In another worrying flurry of activity, I’ve started work on an application for Mac OS X for Animators 1 that simulates a layer of Acetate being laid over the screen.

Read more about it here.

  1. Primarily, though others are free to use it. If you have an interesting use for it please let me know!